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Lokta Paper handmade Nepal 

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Lokta handmade paper has been crafted in Nepal for at least 800 years and probably for over 1000 years. The sacred Buddhist text 'Karanya Buha Sutra' in the National Archives in Kathmandu, is written on Nepali handmade paper in the Lichchhavi script. Since the book was written in this form of script we can guess that it was written sometime between the first and ninth century A.D. This shows the strength and life of Nepali hand made paper. Lokta paper has excellent durability and continues to be used in legal documents in Nepal.An Eco-friendly paper supporting rural communities.
This paper is free from any chemical treatments and no bleach or chlorine is used in its making. It is totally natural. Lokta paper is wood free and can be recycled. The Lokta papers that we are selling here are not made from recycled or waste paper materials. And it gives work to many mountain villages who prepare the fibre for papermaking. The raw material of this paper is found in 4000 to 6000 feet from the sea. Most of these raw materials is collected by the the local people of the mountain .


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