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Wool Felt Balls
We have the best selection of 100% Wool Felt Balls in New Zealand!93 gorgeous colours just waiting for wonderful crafting ideas. Available in 1cm, 2cm, 3cm and 4cm balls, perfect for garlands, mobiles and so much more.Our Felt Balls are handmade in Nepal with eco friendly and non toxic dyes. Nepal made wool felt balls ‘’We are located in Nepal and provide best quality of 100% wool felt balls. Artistic skills can transform these balls into something marvelous. We own woolen felt craft balls of different sizes in 93 different matchless colors that are best suitable for decorative purposes, mobiles and much more. Our balls are environment friendly as they are made in Nepal through local techniques and contain only natural dyes.’

Wool Blend Felt
Announcing our brand new range of Wool Blend Felt. 
This gorgeous felt is available by the meter in 66 beautiful colours.
Our new felt is 20-35% Wool to 65-80% Rayon.
Soft and saturated with colour our wool blend is perfect for small and large projects.  
Presenting our brand new wool blend felt selections made available per meter and in 60 amazing colors. This new product is made up of wool blended with some other manmade fabrics like cotton and rayon in different proportions (ratios).  In our case the composition is 60-70% wool and 20-30% others. While our products are soft to touch, the use of saturated colors makes it look great thus making it suitable for both small and large projects.

100% Pure Merino Wool Felt Sheets
It just doesn't get any better than our 100% Merino Wool Felt. 
Beautiful saturated colour in a strong dense felt. 
Just a dream to work with and wonderful to cut let let your imagination run wild and craft up a storm!

100% pure Nepali wool felt quilts
Our 100% pure Nepali wool felt quilts are more promising than one could ask for. Just drop your wool crafting ideas and we will make your dream come true

Glitter Felt Balls
The most gorgeous, sparkly glitter balls are now available in the shop.
A wonderful selection of 27 colours are ready to be made into garlands, Christmas ornaments, mobiles and so much more.
These fun Glitter Balls start as Wool Felt Balls, which are handmade in Nepal, then carefully hand rolled in glitter in the UK. 
Perfect for a little bling to any project.

Shining multicolored balls
Our new launch (latest product) is attractive multicolored shining balls. They are available as a combination of three different colors. And colors of your choice are given high preference. Now we can use these multipurpose balls either as ornaments or for decorative purposes.