Research & Development

Our research and development staff, supported by modern laboratory facilities, is an effective way of keeping pace with change, enabling us to speak your language and to turn your concept into reality.

Design Engineering

Felt can be adapted to any design, is resilient, strong, durable and, with proper fiber selection, can withstand extreme temperature variations and not be affected by age, water, oil, gasoline or most chemicals


Felt can be easily cut with dies, shears or knives to form any shape without fraying, shredding or raveling. Our fabricating plant is equipped with the latest state of the art quality control instruments to assure uniform production runs.

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Recommended Products


Our Philosophy

Employ and develop people of exceptional skill, dedication, and loyalty.

Provide customers a product of the highest level of quality.

Provide freedom in our working environment to constantly be able to increase our knowledge.

Service to our customers in a prompt and courteous manner and with the highest degree of integrity.